Why go to Dubai?

Dubai is the most popular destination in the United Arab Emirates, with more than a million inhabitants and 3 million thanks to its agglomeration, it presents itself as a luxurious city, banners of the wealth of its country. The City of Dubai is a port city, tourism is extremely developed, we find many hotels more luxurious of each other. A true reference of modernity, Dubai is a city with many skyscrapers including the highest tower in the world. Dubai is the ideal city for a touristic tourism, forget the daily stalks by offering you one of our travels towards Dubai thanks to Dubai. It is a perfect destination for those looking for a futuristic city, where luxury is omnipresent, to you shopping days thanks to the many luxury shops.  It should not be forgotten that Dubai is a Muslim city, so we must avoid being in contradiction with the culture of the country on the one hand to respect the premises but also to not encounter problems during your stay, despite everything and in contradiction with the Ideas received, Dubai is an extremely inviting city.

Learn more about Dubai City: How to get there with Dubai

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, located on the Persian Gulf, it is a cornerstone between Europe, Asia and Africa, so there is no problem getting there. From the French territory you can in just 7 hours of airplane go to Dubai to take advantage of this example of modern architecture. Do not take it the day before, a trip to the city Dubai is preparing in advance to avoid any disappointment. We advise you to book your plane tickets with a minimum of 6 months in advance so as not to see the price of it double or triple. You should never consult a single online reservation site, we recommend you to use price comparators to find your flight at the best price and to save money that will be indispensable in this city, where the shops are Ubiquitous. You can also choose flights with stopovers, these are usually cheaper but longer, but can be the perfect alternative for those who have a smaller budget.

Learn more about Dubai: its activities with Dubai

There are many activities in Dubai, you never get bored, everyone can find their own account. Shopping, desert Travel, water parks etc… The activities are diverse and varied, in Dubai we eat Moroccan tajines, Lebanese mezzes, we are constantly displaced and this is what makes the charm of the first tourist destination of the Emirates Arab. Shopping is the flagship activity of the City of Dubai, there are many shopping malls with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Don’t forget to visit the Dubai Mall, indeed this gigantic shopping centre is an ode to luxury, in addition to finding the most luxurious brands in the world, there is a gigantic aquarium wall, this is an impressive place and remains the top for All shopping enthusiasts. Dubai Mall is not the only one, the city has many luxurious shopping malls. Dubai has many unusual activities, one can for example ski in the city, in fact the city has an indoor ski resort. This fascinating infrastructure allows the premises to indulge in the pleasures of sport. You can also do a camel trek in the desert for a total displacement, you have understood, everyone can have fun in Dubai.

Where to stay in Dubai?

There are many solutions to stay in Dubai, you will inevitably find a way to accomodate yourself that corresponds to the outcome of this article. As a general rule, Dubai is a city where life is very expensive, so you have to book a budget enough to stay. Nevertheless there are many solutions for all the scholarships.  

There are first of all hotels, with more than 400 signs in the City of Dubai, you will inevitably find your happiness. From the pinnacle of luxury with the famous Burj Al-Arab with its suites up to $28 000/night or more modest suites, you can get away with cheap rooms. For those with a smaller budget, we recommend youth hostels, this is a perfect alternative to the hotel; Dubai has many hostels and are fully adapted to those who cannot afford nights at the hotel. There are also many Airbnb in the city, there are all kinds of rates, you will inevitably find a place to your liking, like airline tickets, we recommend to do well in advance so as not to see the inflated prices.   

Learn all about Dubai city and its cultures with Dubai

Dubai is a multicultural city, there are people of all nationalities living in harmony. Tourism is so developed that it is not uncommon to cross francophones talking on the streets of Dubai. Dubai as most of the Arab countries rely on welcoming traditions, the inhabitants are very open to new people, there is a rare hospitality. It is not uncommon for a new person to be invited to eat typical dishes with locals, this is what makes the traditional strength of the City of Dubai, you feel welcomed, you do not feel stared, you feel welcome. Nor should we forget that Dubai is a Muslim country, so you have to respect local customs, forget your provocative outfits and look at a neutral looks. For you ladies, do not listen to the misconceptions about this city, the wearing of the veil is not obligatory for tourists, but do not hesitate to visit the Great Mosque, this is a marvel of architecture. What you should remember from the culture in Dubai is that it is based on sharing, there is an atmosphere of self-help and it is the charm of this cosmopolitan city.

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