For a little getaway in the middle of the desert, don’t forget to get everything that’s essential. A tour in the Emirates Desert is an unforgettable and unique adventure of its kind. Get ready as it should be. The whole business must fit in a backpack and a travel bag.

For individual equipment

For individual equipment, locate:

-A fleece jacket and a waterproof jacket;

-several pairs of socks;

-of bonnet and gloves, tights, jacket;

-Light shirts with long sleeves;

-Light trousers, hiking, walking;

-The inevitable shawl protecting the head from the neck and part of the face of the heat and sand;

-Frontal lamp;

-A large gourd;

-A sleeping bag

-Toilet paper;

-Walking sticks;

-A waterproof pouch for the documents;

-a pair of binoculars;

-A sunglasses and a cap or a hat.

The pharmacy kit

For the pharmacy kit, prepare:

-medications such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea, antispasmodic, rehydrating solution;

-Hygiene products, such as wipes, non-rinse lotion, sunscreen, horsehair glove;

-The natural kit filled with compact HE oregano;


-disinfecting tablets for water;

-A disinfectant;

-Arnica ointment;



-ENT or wide spectrum antibiotic;


-Lip balm;


-Moisturizing Cream;

-Eye drops;

-Nasal disinfectant.

Comfort Accessories

To ensure your comfort during a desert hike, prepare:

-The nomadic tent for preparing meals;

-Blankets when needed

-Kitchen equipment (gas, kitchen utensils);

-Meals and beverages (tea) for the duration of the trek;

-Mineral water;

-Small mattresses;


The Dubai Desert Among those of the United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Desert is arguably the most popular in the United Arab Emirates. You can enjoy a camel ride, a ride on a 4×4 safari, buggy excursions or a night with a beautiful star. The most impressive place is the Rub Al Khali, one of the world’s largest sand deserts. This desert stretches over 650,000 km² of sand. Guests staying in February will be able to attend the Moreeb Hill Climb at the Liwa International Festival in a festive and musical atmosphere. To reach the desert of Rub Al Khali, you have to count no less than 4 to 5 hours of road just to reach the gates of the desert, from Dubai.

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