Dubai’s economic capital of the United Arab Emirates is ideal for lovers of luxury and shopping. Dubai is the city of the outburst: the highest tower, the water jets, the shopping malls, the waterpark. You can even ski on a covered track. For a global vision, fly over the city by helicopter, seaplane or hot air balloon. Otherwise, it is better to circulate by taxi or metro, because the heat is intense.

Good Deals in Dubai

Admire the palm, a string of artificial palm-shaped islands. There are the majestic Atlantis Hotel and its private beach. The Burj Al Arab is a luxurious sailboat-shaped hotel of 321 metres. With its design in the form of a sail, the tower is another unique construction. The Burj Al Arab is home to the world’s only 7-star hotel.  An ultra-fast lift takes you to 425 meters. From there, the view is impressive on the Word, a set of nearly 300 artificial islands under construction. One of the restaurants is below sea level, another one seems suspended in the air. Or relax on the terrace of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. You can then visit the Jumeirah Mosque, the museum, or the Fort Al Fadih. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is located west of the Arabian Peninsula. Majestic places are absolutely to be seen during your stay in Dubai. The city is home to the highest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which culminates at 828 m. Every other 30 minutes, a magnificent spectacle, that of the fountains, takes place at the foot of this tower. At the foot is the immense Dubai Mall: 1 200 shops and restaurants, a giant aquarium, an Olympic ice rink, and waterfalls. The souk offers jewellery in gold, diamonds, beads, spices and luxury leather goods.

Other unforgettable discoveries in Dubai

In the evenings, enjoy the city’s lights, enjoying a buffet of local dishes aboard a sailboat. Or take a walk in the pretty Marina. You can also go on a 4×4 safari. Take the opportunity to surf the dunes. or attend a belly dance show or a falconry demonstration. And finally, why not a camel ride. Don’t miss the overflights of the palm trees, these artificial islands of houses, hotels and theme parks. The old Dubai is also interesting to browse. If you like the authenticity of the Souks, visit the Gold Souk, Spice Souk and Dubai souk. The Great Mosque or Iranian mosque with its ceramic walls will delight religious art lovers. Enjoy the freshness of Dubai’s water parks at the turn of your stay. Join the Wid Wadi Park with its superb wave pool. Don’t hesitate to visit the market where fish and vegetable stalls of all kinds surround you with their oriental scents.

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