A cult place, popular, unusual and much appreciated by tourists, Asia has now become one of the favorite destinations of holiday enthusiasts and continues to attract more and more holidaymakers increasing year by year. At the slightest opportunity, we all have this desire to escape away from the daily stressful and heavy to go to meet the world and enjoy the beauty that gives us nature that one leaves alone, in love, with family or with friends.

It’s soon the holidays, which destination will you choose?

Go to atypical, fantastic and beautiful places, then choose the City of Dubai. Geographically, Dubai The megacity of modern and innovative architecture is located on the Persian Gulf, i.e. in the northern hemisphere and more precisely in the near-eastern border of the Arabian Peninsula, it is the second largest city of Seven Emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates. Being ideally located in the Always radiant and sunny part of the Earth, the city of Dubai which is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai is located between the southern shores of the Persian Gulf where it is separated from little by Iran and at the crossroads of the Orient and it is Approached to Asia and Africa beyond the sea.

This city of 3885 square kilometers has as borders to the east the Sultanate of Oman, to the north the UAE of Sharjah and to the south the Abu Dhabi. In addition, a large majority of its region is completely covered by the desert of Rub alkali offering it fascinating landscapes, grandiose, Majestic and truly unique of its kind. Moreover, being a city founded in a loop of the sea-arm, the Khor Dubai, Dubai creeps through the desert which gradually spawns a natural port that can accommodate several boats at the same time.

Beautiful places not to miss on Dubai

Going from the north and south of this oriental country, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the culture and gastronomy that make Dubai’s reputation and also the chance to visit beautiful places existing to the worlds like:

* the “Burj Khalifa” with its 828 meters high and 148 floors, it is the highest building that exists in the world.

* the “palm Jumeirah” is one of the largest artificial islands in the world with a masterpiece of human ingenuity in the shape of a palm tree.

* “Dubai Marina” also is a place not to be missed during your visit, let yourself be amazed by some of the highest residential buildings in the world.

* “The dessert Safari” is a place that attracts the attention of thousands of tourists every day, here you can enjoy the thrilling adventure by car while browsing the dessert.

These beautiful places make Dubai the perfect city for you to escape and have fun in a dream place where there is no limit to the extent and extravagance.

So if you are looking for the destination for your next dream vacation, feel free to just wrap your suitcases before you fly to the relaxation, rest and discovery of the City of Dubai.

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